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How to Grocery Shop for Healthy You


How to Grocery Shop for Healthy You

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Always read labels to check
To eat healthily, you have to do your shopping in a smart and efficient way. There are plenty of basic principles that we all know in general, but we ignore them many times, being in a hurry or distracted.

Always read labels to check the warranty term, calories, manufacturer etc. If you know how to choose smart foods you can avoid all sorts of digestive problems or food poisoning. Try to choose, if possible, fresh and natural products over canned and frozen food.

Start with a shopping list for a week, eat well before going shopping so you will not be tempted by the sweets on the shelves and leave home having the following in mind:

Buy in a certain order

Buy non-perishable food first, then the chilled and frozen.

If you shop for a longer time, use special bags for low-temperature maintenance (found at any supermarket) for refrigerated products (meat, milk and dairy products) or frozen ones.

When buying eggs, choose the ones kept cold. Check if they are broken or cracked, have clean skin, and the expiration date.

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Buy your fruits and vegetables from the producers market

Even if they may be more expensive, you have the warranty that they are fresh and organically grown. It is important not to eat the pesticides and chemicals the conventional fruits contain.

Check milk and dairy products

Always check the expiration date and package integrity. Buy milk and dairy products at the end, to put them in the refrigerator as soon as possible. You should boil raw milk bought from the market so you destroy any bacteria in it.

Choose fish and seafood carefully

Buy fish directly from fishermen or any store, making sure that it is fresh. Watch if the fish is kept on an ice and if the temperature is low enough. Fresh fish should have shiny scales and sticky, bright eyes, firm flesh, without bones protruding and especially no bad smell. Fresh fish gills should not be purple.

In a case of frozen products as well check the packaging to be hermetically sealed and not smell bad. . Avoid packages that contain ice or frozen blood, which is a sign of thawing and refreezing later. And last but not least, look at the expiration date.

Precooked frozen marine products (seafood, smoked fish, croquettes) should be kept in separate compartments from raw fish in the refrigerator. Bacteria present on raw fish can contaminate other products.


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Frozen fruits and vegetables

Check the expiration date first and if they are kept at temperatures below -18 degrees Celsius.If they appear to have a strange odor, they don’t buy them. If you notice that they have too much ice or pieces of fruit and vegetables are glued together, that means they have been thawed and refrozen, choose more transparent packages. You can “weigh” better if those fruits and vegetables look good enough to buy them. Do not forget that freezing may change their color slightly, becoming dull.

Always check the meat you buy

The packaging should be airtight and the storage temperature low. Choose pink chicken meat without bruises that smells of fresh meat. Check the warranty term. Avoid buying minced meat. You can mince it at home. Be careful when buying already seasoned steak meat. The seasonings may contain a lot of chemicals that give it a nicer appearance and a better taste. It is best that you prepare your own marinades for the steaks you plan to eat. Buy meat and meat products at the end of your shopping trip so you don’t keep it too much at improper temperatures.

When you get home

As soon as you get home place the products in the freezer. Try to store food to be cooked separately from those that will be eaten raw.

Buy only fresh, healthy ingredients and this way you will be able to cook delicious dishes.

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