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Healthy Tips Of The Naturally Thin

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Healthy Tips Of The Naturally Thin

Protein 5mSometimes we want the impossible: to be beautiful, young, healthy and thin (but eat chocolate, cream cakes, fries, and pizza)! If when we are 20 years old, our metabolism is more lenient with our silhouette; from 30 on wards any deviation from healthy eating has consequences and centimeters in waist and thighs.

Here are some tips you may follow so you can be healthier, more beautiful and naturally thin.  You do not have to start all at once, we suggest you adopt a healthy habit per week: for example, every Monday try to introduce a new vegetable in eating or a new workout. Persevere in consuming the food introduced at the beginning of the week until you find the ideal formula (correct, healthy and tasty) to use as you like it. It will be difficult at first, but then you will be able to add 2-3 new habits/week until you find the perfect match for you.

So as to be thinner, prettier and healthier

Control your calorie intake. There are thousands of recipes and diet programs, but eventually, everything is based on simple mathematics: to lose weight, you must burn more calories than those eaten throughout the day. Stick to the 1,500 calories per day recommended by most nutritionists when you want to lose weight, and when you’ve reached our goal, keep yourself to 2,000 calories a day. These values depend on your weight and other circumstances, but if you have questions, ask your doctor.

Do not eat too little. Eating too little will lead you to a lazy metabolism as your body struggles to maintain fat stores when it sees that is deprived of other energy sources. You need energy for your workouts too, in addition to the current daily activities and refraining from eating will make you feel tired, even exhausted, and unhappy, with mood swings.

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Eat a lot of vegetables. Most have very few calories, but they are high in fiber, making you feel full up for longer. Moreover, they are packed with antioxidants that fight toxins, helping you look and feel younger, keeping also an increased energy level.
Eat little and often to keep your energy and metabolism at a high level. Serve 5 meals of 250-400 calories and lose weight. You can try yogurt, bread, grains, fruits, salads, soups, steamed vegetables and oily fish. Do not forget to eat sufficient supplies of healthy snacks like fruit, yogurt, nuts and raw seeds of all kinds (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin).

Mix nutsKeep yourself busy and find other ways to release stress. Find a hobby, join a book club, listen to music or take up painting, whatever you may think will take you on the comfortable sofa and accompanying chocolate.

Set some short-term goals that will lead to a significant weight loss on a long-term. It would be well to consult a dietitian or your family doctor and put in place a plan of attack for weight reduction.

Do exercise regularly to burn excess calories, tone and strengthen your body. Go to the cardio 2-3 times per week, starting with 30 minutes and reaching a 45-minute workout. You can also choose running, cycling or swimming.

Do not overwork. Give yourself time off between workout sessions, days in which to do light exercise such as walking for 25 minutes.

Combine exercises. If our bodies do the same exercises with the same intensity day by day, they will get used in time and they won’t be so efficient. Try different activities over a week. One day dancing, the other day Pilates or running. Again, do not consider weights at the gym as only for men. Training with weights is an effective way to burn calories, toning your body and strengthening it. Choose low weights and stretching exercises.

Give up alcohol. It is full of empty calories with the very little nutritional value that will make you feel exhausted, hungry and dehydrated, craving for junk foods that’ll satisfy the hunger of the day.

Remember the power of sleep! A night full with 8 hours of sleep is enough to re-energize our body, keeping us a good mood and metabolism.

Don’t go to the gym alone. Find a friend or a partner. It will help you stay focused and motivated. Not to say it is more fun.

Keep a journal of your diet, especially until it becomes a lifestyle. This is the only way you will understand your eating habits.


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Do not forget to have fun. Maybe staying naturally thin will take over 90% of your thoughts and energy, but the remaining 10% should go on being lazy, watching a movie, going to a restaurant (yes, you can find fish or grilled turkey breast with lettuce). Do not take your diet too seriously. Eventually, moderation is good in almost everything.

Class of water
Drink enough water! Water is essential to every cell in the body for you to be able to work at full capacity. Recommended amount of water is 2 liters daily (about 8 glasses). Try to stick to them!

It is not as hard as you may think to stay naturally thin. It only takes some time to turn this into a habit. From that moment on, everything will be nice and smooth and you will be amazed by the changes you’ll see in yourself.

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